Ekana Cricket Stadium Pitch Report, Seating Capacity, Records

We discuss India’s new highly developed beautiful ekana cricket stadium pitch report, seating capacity, and records here. The Utter Pradesh state govt planned to build this ekana stadium in 2014 for the people of utter Pradesh to watch cricket matches.

This world-class stadium has India’s 5th highest seating capacity established in 2017, up govt named the Stadium for India’s 10th prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s memory. and the stadium is also known as ekana stadium and situated in Lucknow. BCCI scheduled the 5 crucial matches of the 13th ODI World Cup 2023 in this venue. and now everyone’s eyes are looking at the pitch of ekana stadium in the next few weeks.

Ekana Cricket Stadium Pitch Report Batting or Bowling

After the opening of Utter Pradesh’s largest ekana cricket stadium witnessed many International and domestic games. This venue is also the home ground of IPL franchise LSG and Utter Pradesh state cricket team for the Ranji Trophy.

The former pm Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Stadium hosted the first ODI match between Afghanistan and West Indies on 6th November 2019. Till now a total of 9 ODI, 1 Test, and 9 T20 International matches have been played so far in this ground.

The Ekana Cricket Stadium surface is primarily known for low-scoring clashes. It will be a slightly slower wicket compared to other Indian venues. Seam bowlers will get an early swing from the pitch, While spin bowlers also get extra turns from the surface throughout the game.

On the other hand, the batsman has to be technically strong to play both the spin and seam bowling to settle down in the crease. The pitch will challenge the batsman as the game progresses and the batsman needs to play shots from bad delivery and respect the Good balls to score runs from this slower pitch.

The ekana cricket stadium hosted a total of 9 white ball matches, second batting team won 7 games and the first batting team won 2 encounters. In those 9 occasions batting first team’s average scores is 219 runs and 2nd batting Average scores is 212 runs.

Ekana Cricket Stadium Seating Capacity

The extreme craze of cricket and the population of India most of the cricket stadiums are situated in India. and Ekana Stadium is one of those world-class stadiums that has great infrastructure and hospitality, the stadium has a cricket museum, art gallery, administrative office, media rooms, and two different dressing rooms. The Ekana Cricket Stadium has almost 50,000 spectators seating capacity to host 5 games in this ground.

Ekana Cricket Stadium Records and Unknown Facts

Here I discuss India’s one of largest ata bihari vajpayee cricket stadium records and unknown facts.

  • The former prime minister named atal bihari vajpayee Ekana cricket stadium was first opened 6 years ago in 2018 by up govt.
  • The Lucknow-located Ekana Stadium is the fifth largest 50,000 seating capacity Stadium in India.
  • The Afghanistan and West Indies play the first International match on 6 November 2019 in this ground.
  • South Africa women’s team scores the highest total of 269/3 runs in this venue. and on some grounds, the Indian women’s team restricted the South African women’s team’s lowest score of 157 runs in ODI International.
  • In T20 International India’s men’s team scored the highest total of 199 runs against Sri Lanka in this ground.


1. Is Ekana Stadium a Bowling Pitch?

The nature of ekana stadium pitch mostly favors the spinners with low bounce and turn as the game progresses.

2.What is the Capacity of Lucknow New Stadium?

The Lucknow-located newly developed Atal Bihari Vajpayee ekana cricket stadium has a 50,000 spectators seating capacity on the ground.

3. Where is Ekana Cricket Stadium Located?

Utter Pradesh state’s largest seating capacity ekana cricket stadium is located in Lucknow city.

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