BPL 2024 Schedule, Venue, Players list

The world’s one of most popular franchise league BPL 2024 schedule, venue, and players list details are given here. Bangladesh Cricket Board will organize this T20 league every year for their domestic players to play with national and international cricketers.

After the start of Bangladesh’s premier league tournament first time in 2012, this league became popular season by season. The next season BPL 2024 will be played with six teams from January to February months.

Bangladesh Premier League Winners list

BCB hosted the 9-season Bangladesh Premier League continuously since the first edition of 2012. The first season was held in 2012 with six teams and Dhaka Gladiators created history to win the first season to defeat Barisal Burners in 2012. After the first season, the Comilla Victorians franchise won 4 titles and Dhaka Gladiators won 2 titles so far. Here I have given the Bangladesh Premier League all-season winners and runners-up teams.

YearWinners TeamRunners up Team
2012Dhaka GladitorsBarisal Burners
2013Dhaka GladitorsChittagong Kings
2015Comilla VictoriansBarisal Bulls
2016Dhaka DynamitesRajshahi Kings
2017Rangpur RidersDhaka Dynamites
2019Comilla VictoriansDhaka Dynamites
2020Rajshahi RoyalsKhulna Tigers
2022Comilla VictoriansFortune Barishal
2023Comilla VictoriansSylhet Strikers

BPL 2024 Teams and Captain

The seven franchises will participate in the upcoming Bangladesh Premier League 2024 season. All the franchise teams have already included their International players from the player’s draft auction, where we see that many Pakistani and other countries’ international players are interested in playing BPL 2024 season. Below we have shared the BPL 2024 season 7 teams and their captain name.

  • Comilla Victorians
  • Rangpur Riders
  • Khulna Tigers
  • Durdanto Dhaka
  • Chattogram Challengers
  • Sylhet Strikers
  • Fortune Barishal

BPL 2024 Schedule

After the 7 franchise BPL 2024 players’ draft was released, everyone is now excited to know the 10th edition schedule. BCB has announced that the Bangladesh Premier League 2024 season held from January 19 to March 1. Below we have given the BPL 2024 Schedule and venue.

DateMatch FixtureVenueTiming
19 January 20241st match – Comilla vs DhakaDhakaStarts at 2.00 PM
19 January 20242nd match – Sylhet vs ChattogramDhakaStarts at 7.00 PM
20 January 20243rd match – Rangpur vs BarishalDhakaStarts at 1.00 PM
20 January 20244th match – Khulna vs ChattogramDhakaStarts at 6.00 PM
22 January 20245th match – Chattogram vs DhakaDhakaStarts at 1.00 PM
22 January 20246th match – Barishal vs KhulnaDhakaStarts at 6.00 PM
23 January 20247th match – Sylhet vs RangpurDhakaStarts at 1.00 PM
23 January 20248th match – Comilla vs BarishalDhakaStarts at 6.00 PM
26 January 20249th match – Rangpur vs Khulna SylhetStarts at 2.00 PM
26 January 202410th match – Comilla vs SylhetSylhetStarts at 7.00 PM
27 January 202411th match – Barishal vs Chattogram SylhetStarts at 1.00 PM
27 January 202412th match – Rangpur vs DhakaSylhetStarts at 6.00 PM
29 January 202413th match – Chattogram vs SylhetSylhetStarts at 1.00 PM
29 January 202414th match – Khulna vs DhakaSylhetStarts at 6.00 PM
30 January 202415th match – Comilla vs RangpurSylhetStarts at 1.00 PM
30 January 202416th match – Sylhet vs BarishalSylhetStarts at 6.00 PM
02 February 202417th match – Sylhet vs DhakaSylhetStarts at 2.00 PM
02 February 202418th match – Comilla vs ChattogramSylhetStarts at 7.00 PM
03 February 202419th match – Barishal vs KhulnaSylhetStarts at 2.00 PM
03 February 202420th match – Sylhet vs RangpurSylhetStarts at 6.00 PM
06 February 202421th match – Rangpur vs DhakaSylhetStarts at 1.00 PM
06 February 202422th match – Barishal vs Chattogram SylhetStarts at 6.00 PM
07 February 202423th match – Comilla vs KhulnaSylhetStarts at 1.00 PM
07 February 202424th match – Sylhet vs DhakaSylhetStarts at 6.00 PM
09 February 202425th match – Sylhet vs KhulnaSylhetStarts at 2.00 PM
09 February 202426th match – Comilla vs DhakaSylhetStarts at 7.00 PM
10 February 202427th match – Rangpur vs ChattogramSylhetStarts at 1.00 PM
10 February 202428th match – Barishal vs Dhaka SylhetStarts at 6.00 PM
13 February 202429th match – Comilla vs ChattogramChattogramStarts at 1.00 PM
13 February 202430th match – Rangpur vs KhulnaChattogramStarts at 6.00 PM
14 February 202431th match – Barishal vs DhakaChattogramStarts at 1.00 PM
14 February 202432th match – Comilla vs KhulnaChattogramStarts at 6.00 PM
16 February 202433th match – Khulna vs DhakaChattogramStarts at 2.00 PM
16 February 202434th match – Rangpur vs ChattogramChattogramStarts at 7.00 PM
17 February 202435th match – Sylhet vs Barishal ChattogramStarts at 1.00 PM
17 February 202436th match – Chattogram vs DhakaChattogramStarts at 6.00 PM
19 February 202437th match – Comilla vs SylhetChattogramStarts at 1.00 PM
19 February 202438th match – Rangpur vs BarishalChattogramStarts at 6.00 PM
20 February 202439th match – Khulna vs ChattogramChattogramStarts at 1.00 PM
20 February 202440th match – Comilla vs RangpurChattogramStarts at 6.00 PM
23 February 202441th match – Comilla vs BarishalDhakaStarts at 1.00 PM
23 February 202442th match – Sylhet vs KhulnaDhakaStarts at 6.00 PM
25 February 2024EliminatorDhakaStarts at 1.00 PM
25 February 2024Qualifier 1DhakaStarts at 6.00 PM
27 February 2024Qualifier 2DhakaStarts at 6.00 PM
1 March 2024FinalDhakaStarts at 6.30 PM


1. When and where BPL 2024 played?

Bangladesh Premier League next 2024 season will be played from 5 January to 16 February in 3 different venues.

2. How many teams will play in the BPL 2024 season?

Six franchise teams will play the Bangladesh 2024 season from 4 January to

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